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HBOT – Patient Monitoring System (CMS)

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Computerized Monitoring System (CMS) for continuous patient monitoring during HBOT sessions.

CMS - is the specialized unit, which combines monitoring and information (database subsystems).

According to analysis of the processed information and considering certain disease, the system provides medical personnel with ample opportunity for organizing treating process and is helpful for forming recommendations, based on the treatment results.

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CMS-unit for HBOT therapy. Карточка пациента.

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CMS-unit for HBOT therapy. Экран сеанса.
Specific features

  • Possibility of processing and analysing of widened information body for one or several patients is provided. Information body volume is to be specified when concluding delivery contact.
  • Expanded database, which includes not only information on the patients and treating procedures, but also reference and methodical materials on HBOT therapy-200 in number.
  • It is possible to work with database during treatment process.
  • The system can be equipped with multimedia software for providing treatment procedure with voice accompaniment.


  • schedule of patients with access to selective analysis, archives and printout;
  • detailed information on HBOT application which can be analysed if required;
  • HBOT treatment;statistic;
  • schedule of indications and contraindications for HBOT therapy with permitted regimens and accompanying medicaments in each concrete case;
  • nosology with corresponding problems of public health (WHO - classification, 10-th revision);
  • file, including various diseases and corresponding treatment.


Quality Management System (QMS) is introduced and applied at the factory in the field of designing, manufacturing, maintenance and repair of hyperbaric systems ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003


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